A Football Festival prediction event hosted by Ultiverse.
Join us for a chance to win Electric Sheep NFT, total of 5,000 BUSD and many other rewards!
Time Schedule:
The event is divided into three phases:
- Pre-event phase: 15 November, 00:00 UTC - 25 November 2022, 10:00 UTC
- Match phase: 20 November, 00:00 UTC - 18 December 2022, 15:00 UTC
- Rewards redemption phase: 19 December, 00:00 UTC - 26 December 2022, 00:00 UTC
How to participate:
Earn BALLs by completing various tasks on this website page, then use the BALLs to play the prediction game on the Football Festival 2022 matches.
Prediction options:
During the pre-event phase, you can predict the champion team:
- Guess the final champion. You can choose up to 3 teams with BALLs.
- Closed once the Football Festival 2022 starts.
- Earn 10 times BALLs for correct prediction, BALLs deducted otherwise.
During the match phase, you can predict the result of any single match:
- Only a single side prediction is allowed. (win, loss, or draw)
- Closed once the match starts.
- Earn 2 times BALLs for correct prediction, BALLs deducted otherwise.
Leaderboard: (BALLs total winnings)
The leaderboard is based on total prediction winnings (not the total BALLs you own).
For example,
Alice earned 500 BALLs by completing tasks, but didn't participate in predictions. She would be counted as 0 BALLs on the leaderboard.
Bob earned 300 BALLs by completing tasks, and won 400 BALLs on a match prediction. He would be counted as 400 BALLs on the leaderboard.
Carl earned 1,000 BALLs via tasks. He used 300 BALLs to predict the champion team, and 200 BALLs on a single match prediction. In the end, he didn't predict the correct champion team, but his match prediction was correct. His BALLs on the leaderboard would be his total winnings of: 400 - 300 = 100 BALLs.
Rewards Redemption: (will open in phase 3)
1. Leaderboard Prize Pool:
Total rewards:
- Electric Sheep NFT: x4
- BUSD: 5,000
- SOUL: 20,000
Reward distribution:
- Top 1: Electric Sheep NFT x2 + 3,000 SOUL
- Top 2: Electric Sheep NFT x1 + 2,000 SOUL
- Top 3: Electric Sheep NFT x1 + 600 SOUL
- Top 4~50: 200 SOUL (total 9,400) + certain amount of BUSD**
- Top 51~100: 100 SOUL (total 5,000)
** A total amount of $5,000 BUSD will be distributed to the top 4~50 players. The amount of BUSD distributed to each player will be calculated as follow:
5,000 x (BALLs won from prediction / total BALLs won from prediction for top 4~50 players)
2. Lottery Prize Pool:
Total rewards:
- SOUL: 30,000
- Metasoccer NFT: x5
- Smug Bunny Whitelist: x50
- Neymar NFT: 2 Soccers, 1 piece of Brazil jersey and Neymar autographed NFT jersey
- Will add more in the future.
Reward distribution:
Participants can purchase tickets for the Lottery Prize Pool until all prizes have been taken.
Earn BALLs
( The ranking will be updated every 5 minutes )